Bath and Body Works Candles

Writing from experience, I can say that I can consider myself somewhat of an expert on candles from Bath and Body Works. I write about what I know, so here we are. Now I personally adore Bath and Body Works and love their spring line this year. Well, every year. However, I’ve picked up a few candles here and there from them (a few being an understatement ;)) and I love their scent. This would be helpful to any of you not near a Bath and Body Works store looking to do some online shopping or just BBW online shopping in general. Hope you like it loves!

  1. Lavender Vanilla – possibly one of my favorite scents ever released! I love the smell of vanilla, and this candle’s vanilla smell is so rich and velvety. However, what sets this scent apart from the others is that the thick vanilla smell is mixed in with the smell of fresh lavender blooms. The lavender is not overpowering like some other candles, you just get a nice hint of it. There’s also a slight woody undertone in this candle as well. All in all, I just adore it and highly recommend it.


  • the wicks burn a long time
  • the outside of the candle is beautiful
  • the smell is primarily vanilla and flowers in its simplest description


  • after burning the wick for a prolonged period of time, the burnt part of the wick chips off sometimes and gets stuck in the white wax. The white wax, therefore, gets a little dirty looking and isn’t a solid, creamy white anymore. However, most candles have this problem, and it doesn’t bother me

    Pictures of my very used Lavender Vanilla candle:

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2. Black Cherry Merlot– yet another one of my favorites. This candle has, as its name inclines, a very rich, deep smell of dark cherries. Also as its name inclines, it has a luxurious smell of merlot. The merlot is ample in its smell, but at the same time does not overpower, nor does it get in the way of the cherry smell. There is a somewhat fruity undertone, but this candle’s aroma is anything but light. It’s a vibrant, intense smell that leaves the senses yearning for more. I have it in antibacterial form, candle form, and soap form.


  • the smell is rich and intense, and while it doesn’t normally overpower a room, it isn’t one of those candles that you have to work hard at trying to smell


  • the candle can have a somewhat artificial smell to it

Note: I prefer this scent in its other forms. This listing is more to inform you of the wonderful smell of Black Cherry Merlot, rather than it in its candle form. I must admit that the candle form was the least liked out of myself and other people I asked. 

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I apologize for the fact that the candle is not featured in this presentation. I did not have it with me at this point in time.

3. Fresh Cut Lilacs – as I’m sure you’ve guessed, I enjoy flowery scents more often than not. (haha) So, obviously, the Fresh Cut Lilacs scent has made the list! To sum it up, this candle wholeheartedly reminds me of springtime, when the flowers are just beginning to blossom. I have an abundance of purple and pink lilac trees in my backyard, and every spring I love walking around and being able to take in the sweet aroma of the lilac flowers. This candle brings back happy memories of mine that I love to recreate each year. This candle truly does smell strongly of lilacs, which I absolutely love! I own the room spray as well and use it constantly.


  • smells strongly of lilacs
  • no artificial smell (that I’ve dealt with so far)


  • for some, the scent really is overpowering and it is kind of intense. No sort of floral smell has ever really been too much for me, as I adore floral scents, but for some who prefer earthier, woodsy tones, this candle really isn’t ideal for you

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    Once again, I apologize for not having the candle. I used it all up!


    This post is off of my opinions and my opinions only. Scent preference is subjective.

Other scents to try:

♥ Thank you! ♥

2 thoughts on “Bath and Body Works Candles

  1. I love candles so much, and now I know what scents to look out for! Thanks, and good luck on your new blog. I’ll be back again, I’m sure!


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