The Ultimate Summer Fun List

Pictures at the end as well as the printable version! 😀

Beat The Heat!

The Ultimate Summer Fun List

  1. Go to the Beach
  2. Have a Water Balloon Fight
  3. Set a Reading Goal
  4. Plant Flowers
  5. Make A Fruit Salad
  6. Drink a Slushie
  7. Make Popsicles
  8. Go to a Farmer’s Market
  9. Watch an Outdoor Movie
  10. Stargaze
  11. Eat Watermelon
  12. Make a New Lemonade Recipe
  13. Bake Cupcakes
  14. Try a New Recipe
  15. Go to a New Restaurant
  16. Fast from Social Media for One Day
  17. Watch Fireworks
  18. Roast Marshmallows
  19. Go to a Pool
  20. Picnic
  21. Ride Bikes
  22. Go to a Fair
  23. Eat Snowcones
  24. Make Homemade Pizza
  25. Volunteer Somewhere
  26. Try Paddleboating
  27. Try a New Ice Cream Flavor
  28. Watch a Sunset
  29. Play With Bubbles
  30. Have a Get-Together
  31. Go Cloud-Watching
  32. Play Bocce Ball
  33. Host a BBQ
  34. Wash Your Car Yourself or With Others
  35. Make Root Beer Floats
  36. Eat Frozen Yogurt
  37. Have a Spa Day
  38. Go Rollerskating
  39. Fly a Kite
  40. Go Berry Picking

Did you enjoy this post? More summer posts should be going up soon, including a lemonade recipe. Leave a comment with any more summer fun list suggestions!

♥ Thank you! ♥

40 Fun Summer Ideas – Printable PDF

40 Fun Summer Ideas

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