The Key to Success for Every Beginning Blogger

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So what is the key to success for every beginning blogger?

I’ve been blogging for two months and five days now, so you could say I’m relatively new. But I’m not so new that I don’t know a thing or two about blogging.

I’ve seen lots of blogs where there are posts about how their following has blown up tremendously in the past week, or that they’ve been receiving a stream of awards, and that’s fantastic, and I’m so happy for those bloggers because they deserve it. But I thought, why is my blog not having that happen? I work hard, and I produce quality content. Am I doing something wrong? In most cases,


You’re not doing anything wrong.

The key to a blog’s success isn’t lots of promoting or marketing. That’s great to do, and it is part of it, but the real key to a successful blog is,

Patience. And Perseverance.

These are the keys!

As a beginning blogger, you’re still figuring everything out, and you still have to take care of a lot of things, such as building up a good social media platform, figuring out your audience, and deciding what things you want to write about. You need to give yourself TIME to do this because your blog isn’t going to grow if you give up on it the first few weeks or months.

You need to give yourself TIME, because your blog isn’t going to grow if you give up on it the first few weeks or months. 

You have to understand that you soon will attract the right people, people who will support your blog, and who will help you. Once you find and attract the right people, your blog will only grow. But you have to be patient.

Success does not happen overnight.

What do you think? Do you agree?


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