15 Self-Care Ideas

I hope you’re all having a fantastic week! This is a long post, so get comfortable. 😉 A printable will be available at the end! (Without the explanations.)

Today we’re talking about self-care. Establishing a healthy relationship with yourself is crucial if you want to live the most positive, happy life you can. And who doesn’t want to be happy? Leading a conscious life filled with positive aspects, happy thoughts, and mindful actions can bring out your best self. Taking care of yourself and being aware of the little things in life are quite beneficial to your overall well-being.

You can practice self-care in numerous ways – physically, emotionally, and mentally.

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  1. Exercise
    • Whether it be going for a run, doing some crunches, or walking on the treadmill, exercising has been scientifically proven to improve your mood. Exercise makes the brain release “feel-good” chemicals, such as neurotransmitters, endorphins, and endocannabinoids. (Can you tell I LOVE neuroscience? 😉 ) Therefore, in order to lead a more positive, happy life, regular exercise would be quite conducive.
  2. Stretch
    • You don’t have to enroll in a fancy yoga class in order to get in some stretching. Touching your toes, rolling your shoulders, or bending your back are easy ways to stretch.
    • Stretching can help to relieve stress. Stress causes tension in the muscles, which causes them to contract and tighten. This can lead to underperformance or frustration. Stretching can help to relax those muscles, and also release endorphins (the happy hormone.)
  3. Develop a Regular Sleep Routine
    • Go to bed earlier to wake up earlier. Get a jump start on the day, and develop a consistent routine.
  4. Get Some Natural Light
    • The sun keeps your bones healthy. Natural light, or sunlight/the sunshine, produces vitamin D when in contact with your body.  Vitamin D helps the body to absorb calcium, which is important to bone health. Vitamin D is also considered a fat soluble hormone, which can be received in foods such as dietary sources and fish or can be self-made by the skin after UVB light exposure. (Sunlight, basically.) If you are vitamin D deficit, you could feel more tired and groggy. Therefore, supplying yourself with a healthy amount of natural light is extremely important.
  5. Take a Bath
    • Taking a bath can help to relieve muscle pain, and produce a better quality of sleep.


  1. Read a Book
    • Reading is an incredible thing, that can broaden your perspectives. I love to read. Leave any good recommendations below!
  2. Come up With a New Recipe, or Make Something New
    • Expand your knowledge of cooking or baking. Find something you think you would love, and attempt to do it yourself!
  3. Take a Break From Social Media
    • Without management, social media can crowd our daily life, or be of detriment to our emotional well being. (Such as lowered self-esteem or lack of confidence.) Taking a break from social media allows you the time to reflect on the issues you may have associated with it, and to direct your time at something in reality. Social media is not reality.
  4. Work on a Positive Mindset
    • Did you know that according to researchers, each person has an average of 60,000 thoughts per day? That’s a lot of thinking! The sad thing is that for the average person, about 80% of those thoughts are negative! Working on a positive mindset can help to decrease that percentage, and improve your levels of happiness!
  5. Figure Out What Makes You Unique / Find What You Love and Then do it!
    • Figuring out what inspires you, what sets you apart, your passion! – is a great thing to do. After you figure those out, pursue those things! Maybe you are really good at drawing cartoon characters, or maybe you’re good at coming up with fashion designs. Perhaps you are passionate about helping others lead a healthier life! Once you realize these things, not only can you surround yourself with what you love (which will boost your confidence, because you’re doing something you’re good at), but you can also expose yourself to other who share that same passion or inspiration as you!


  1. Read Inspiring/Positive Quotes
    •  Fill your mind with quotes that speak to you, and remind you to live your life the best way possible. Avoid those quotes that bring you down and make you feel sorry for yourself; no sad or angry quotes! Don’t live your life perpetuating a sad or angry mindset.
    • Sample Quote: “Grow through what you go through.”
    • Sample Quote (especially for my athletes): “The human body can withstand almost anything. It is the mind you have to get over.”
  2. Find Your Song(s)
    • Find something you absolutely could listen to all the time! Make it something that as soon as you turn it on makes you instantly happy or positive; something that boosts your confidence and reminds you how great you are.
    • Sample Song (especially for any athletes, again): Fire by Gavin DeGraw
      • P.S – do you guys want a happy playlist or a summer playlist? Let me know!
    • You could also opt for calming songs instead or bright, peppy ones.
  3. Light a Candle
    • love, love, love candles so much!! I love anything that smells good. Currently, I use the Vanilla Cupcake Candle from Yankee Candle or the White Jasmine Candle from Bath and Body Works to lift my spirits. I burn them all the time. Find a scent that you love and use it!
  4. Spend Time With Loved Ones
    • Whether it be your family or friends, quality time with people you love (or animals you love) is important. You need people that you can count on, and building a strong, healthy relationship with them is crucial.
  5. Do Something You’ve Always Wanted to Do 
    • Whether it be bungee jumping or turning the extra room in your house into a library, or just planting flowers in your backyard, tackle something you want to get done! Expand your personality with positive experiences, however little or big they may be.

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15 Self-Care Ideas Printable PDF

♥ Thank you! ♥

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