Bundle Up! – 10+ Ways to Stay Warm in Winter

Hope you’re having a lovely (and warm) week. These tips are backed by experience, science, and (mostly) common sense. Let’s get into it!hot-chocolate-1906521_960_720

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  1. Drink Hot Beverages – tea, hot cocoa, coffee, etc.

    • As if this requires explanation… even if it’s not true, I think its universally accepted that warm drinks make you warmer, haha. 😉
  2. Pile on the Blankets

    • You expend (lose) body heat all the time through radiation (not the deadly kind, don’t worry haha.) As most of you know, warm air rises. Keep yourself insulated with blankets, and trap in that warm air!
  3. Wear Socks

    • I (read somewhere) that the temperature of your feet, or lower body, makes your head, or upper body, feel warmer. This is also vise versa with the cold. I’ve always found that when my feet are cold, I’m colder. Interesting tidbit, right? SO WEAR THOSE SOCKS! 😀
  4. Think Warm

    • Thoughts contribute to what we feel. Ever think, “Hey, I’m great at this!”? Do you feel more confident? I think it’s the same with thoughts about temperature. So think those warm thoughts!
  5. Cook More

    • OR bake! Really, anything that will get you moving will do it. Get your blood circulating and your temperature up! The stove/oven will also provide some heat.
  6. Eat More

    • Yes, 5 and 6 tie in together. Who can say no to food?!
  7. Put on Clothes as Soon as They Come out of the Dryer

    • I love warm clothes, and so when my dryer finishes.. drying them, I like to put them on right away!
  8. Invest in Heating Pads

    • Heating pads, masks, wraps.. you name it! I personally love the heated neck warmers. It’s definitely an investment worth making. It also helps me with achy muscles.
  9. Layer

    • Pretty obvious, I know.. just remember to bundle up to insulate body heat! Sweatpants usually work better than leggings in my opinion.
  10. Wear a Hat

    • I always learned that you lose most of your body heat through your head.. whether that’s true or not, I’m not taking any chances! This applies especially when you’re outside, but you can even wear one inside too!
  11. Take a Warm Shower or Bath

    • Granted, don’t blast the water temperature all the way up, but a nice warm bath or shower always does me good.

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I hope you loved this post, and perhaps it’ll help you on those cold winter days. Do you have any tips or tricks you use? Let me know! Stay warm!



❤ ❤ ❤

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