10+ Life Hacks for Real Life

Hey everyone! It’s been a super busy month for me (seriously, you should see my March color-coded calendar – it’s like a rainbow got sick on it.) Anyway, that’s my (lame-ish) reason for not blogging consistently, but a HUGE thank-you to my followers for staying with me. ❤ You all knew you’d never get rid of me. 😉 You’re awesome. Hopefully I can begin to find time to blog more often! But for now, let’s get into the hacks.

*And yes, I’ve used all of these before, and they’ve worked for me. 🙂

  1. Chip Clip
    • Break off the end of a pants hanger, and use that to keep your chips closed, sealed, and fresh! Who wants to buy those expensive ones when you can make it yourself?
  2. The Power of Tea
    • Put a tea bag in your shoe to get rid of some of the odor! (Like, who doesn’t love the smell of tea?! It can’t just be me.) It doesn’t fully take it away, but it totally takes it down a couple notches. The smell goes from, say, a 7, to a 2 or 3. Cool, right?
  3. The Power of Tea x2
    • Yes! Another use for tea my tea-loving friends. If you’re mouth is bleeding from a cut or however you managed to hurt yourself, brew a tea bag so it’s warm, and then stick it in your mouth. (Be careful not to pierce the bag.) I know it sounds weird, but it actually stops the bleeding, and kind of takes away the taste! My friend’s mother showed me this hack when I was really little and lost a tooth at their house.
  4. Nail Polish is not Just for Nails
    • Yeah, that’s right. You can (and should) color code things like keys and even wires so you can easily distinguish them.
  5. DIY Speaker
    • Anything round in shape will echo the music you’re playing off of it’s sides, and therefore, the music will sound louder! You can use a bowl, cup, or even a cup holder!
  6. Tackle That Stage Fright – Water Does More Than Hydrate
    • If you have a speech, presentation, or event coming up that requires you to speak in front of a crowd, bring water up with you. That way if you forget what you were going to say, or need a chance to recollect yourself, you can take a drink of water and no one will think anything of it!
  7. Deodorant Stains no More
    • We’ve all done it. It’s horrible. And it usually happens to your favorite shirt on the most important day ever. But actually, dryer sheets help to erase those pesky deodorant stains! Just try rubbing it over the stains. Hope it works for you!
  8. Bye-Bye Frizzies
    • Frizzy, static-y hair is also quite troublesome, and dryer sheets help to eliminate some of that frizz too. You can use a brush to run it through your hair, and take away some of the frizz.
  9. Correct Misspelled Words Quicker
    • I don’t remember where I learned this, but instead of backspacing every letter individually, “Ctrl” and “Backspace” erases the entire word. Pretty cool right? I bet you can try this hack out right now!
  10. Magnesium is a Fighter
    • Magnesium is underrated I tell you. It helps to reduce stress, nerves and anxiety too. It also prevents headaches. I had seen a powder to put into drinks that was made mostly of magnesium, and those were just a few of the benefits.
  11. Get More Juice From Your Fruit
    • Now, this may seem like common sense, but rolling and squeezing a fruit (such as a lemon or lime) actually loosens up the fruit and allows you to withdraw more juice from it. I use this trick all the time when making lemonade. 🙂

That’s all folks! 😉 I hope you enjoyed this post, and I really hope it helps you out sometime. Let me know of any hacks you use – I’ll add them to this post and cite you!


❤ ❤ ❤

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