Easy Mindful Morning Routines | How to be Mindful

Just a week or two ago, I began a blog series on mindfulness called How to be Mindful (read Mindful Habits, or What is Mindfulness? if you’re new here) and it was well received. So, I’m continuing this series with a collection of mindful habits you can perform in the morning!

I find the way we wake up in the morning is a large factor in how we think the rest of the day is going to go. As a student, my morning routine often consists of: waking up later than intended, laying in bed longer than I should, snuggling my dog, losing track of time, and then ending the morning frantically rushing out of my home, bagel in hand.

I do NOT recommend that, but it’s not all that uncommon of a routine. In fact, mine is (if you can believe it) usually less hectic and chaotic than most of my friends. So, to combat this, I want (emphasis on WANT), to become a more mindful person in the morning. These are the tips I think I can begin to implement (and if I can, you can too. 😉 )

Mindful Morning Habits/Routines

  1. Be sure to watch the sunrise! (If you wake up early enough.)
  2. Don’t scroll through your phone as soon as you wake up.
  3. Prepare the night before – set out your clothing beforehand, pack your book bag or work bag or purse/wallet, or even make breakfasts such as overnight oats and casseroles.
  4. Exercise – do yoga or even a few sit-ups and/or squats. The little things add up!
  5. Drink tea – try to set aside some time in the morning to drink tea. It’s healthier for you than coffee, and has less caffeine.
  6. Meditate – if you’re into that and have time, I highly recommend this practice.
  7. Draw or sketch – I find it to be a relaxing way to stimulate my mind in the morning. I prefer calligraphy (I think of it as drawing words.) 😊
  8. Drink water or another uncaffeinated (is that a word?) beverage before you consume one with caffeine.

Easy enough right? Begin slow, and start incorporating each habit (or some of your own – these are just suggestions) in the morning for a more mindful way of waking up.

Have a fabulous day!❤️❤️

G E T • C O N N E C T E D

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